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Emcode aka Blackjune Boss drops his first single of the year titled Blazin. Of recent he featured Double N on the track named We Shine a very good trap music which is still trending. As of last year Emcode dropped songs like We Run This and Make Me Mad. Download and stream Blazin below 

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Emcode - Blazin Lyrics

If I say
That I'm no more in your place
You go talk say I de craze
So I brought you up to see it for yourself
And you did
Take you back to where you from to do your thing
Do you dig?
you was tryna doublecross, we lit as hell

We blazin we blazin we blazin
Fasten up your belt

[Verse 1]
Common common common
Do you really wanna die with a lie?
Do you wanna get scars in the back?
Why you make things hard for the rest?
Why don't you  tell us how it went?
Do you wanna get burnt upon a stake?
Do you wanna get drowned or buried alive?
Or you wanna get rolled on the road?
Truth is you have the shit I want
Tell us or we  forced to let you go
You know what's waiting down the road?
It's hard and man you vulnerable
You break the laws cuz you're broke
Well that's not what we wanna know
Do you really wanna burn in inferno,
Nigga think about it while you got a day to go
Do you really wanna buy the whole bar,
If you not a bahdguy neither a swagbag
Do you think ever go be badder than
If you not a jagaban sorry you are not one
Do you think you ever gonna crack the code,
How about you realize your weakness
And you cannot imitate the feel
So you better not insult your own existence
Based on logistics
You about to have a taste of a justice
Only fools would think they can escape this
Far ahead the race but not a racist
I'm not really what you think I am,
So you better not belittle your instinctions
I do not do what you think I do,
I'm badly good and unpredictable
anybody faking is not in this
just de form de go
not expendable
you're dispensable
that's the way it goes
you may never know
you're disposable
I'm not just a bull I'm unadjustable
I'm not only good I'm lackadaisical
I make money moves that mnemonical
think I spell allot, I'm a sorcerer, maybe Englishman
I'm the Code you know

We blazin we blazin we blazin

[Verse 2]
Told me he do not like how I be killing the flow
Maybe one day I'ma turn up the city and stealing the show
No need to testify
Hating is normal but you're never satisfied
Light over darkness you don't know me deep insid
And I'm not gonna relent
I know you know I'm a boss
Cuz its
Crazy crazy
Maybe lazy
I'm tired of the conversation
All we need do is cancellation
Terminated n sixth feet under
Hibernated n never come back
Shut down n never come up
Brutalized n electrocuted
Traumatized n  prosecuted
Finally, n phenomenally
I get battery
Never sleep on it
Cuz I roll with it
And I never wanna fuck up anymore with it
Is you really high like obidi pon bidi
I don't wanna be
Like a wannabe
Like I wanna be me not a wannabe
Even if I did it bad
That was all up in the past
Nigga Sammy you the best

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