Streetjamx For Upcoming Artiste (Free Song Promotion)

As a website that uncovers talents and happenings within and outside the street, we (SJX Team) wish to announce the upcoming opportunity for upcoming/underground artists.

About Streetjamx

Streetjamx For Upcoming Artiste

Program description: Streetjamx for upcoming artists aims to uncover and promote talented upcoming artists.
Upcoming artiste are to submit their songs to us, and we help publish them on this site. After which we are to rate these upcoming artiste and their various songs.

Submit your songs here

Some rating points:
Song lyrics
Song production (beat, mixing and mastering)
Feedback from readers

Program duration: 2 weeks ( 21st May, 2018 - 1st June, 2018)

What you will gain:
* We will publish your songs and their lyrics on this site for free (free song promotion)
* We will publish about you and your social media handlers (Free self promotion)
* We will share your songs out (in order to get feedback for rating)

All participant will gain the above for free. But after the rating, the selected ones will gain the below:

* Free sponsored advert on Instagram
* Publish your biography on this site
* An interview with SJX Team
* Stand the chance of being our official artist

` All interested upcoming artists should send the below to us through any of our contact details
Or through our ticket page (1 ticket per song)
Acquire ticket(s) now

Song details:
* Your songs (mp3)
* Soundcloud link (if any)
* Lyrics
* Song cover image
* Song summary

Artiste details
* Short info about yourself
* Info about award won or show attended (if any)
* Social media handles

Featured Artiste



Event status: Open. Starts on 21st May, 2018 and ends on 1st June, 2018

Click here to submit your songs

Or Send your songs to these numbers on whatsapp

+234 818 295 2777
+234 817 612 8336

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