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After the release of his collabo Milikay is back again with another cool jam titled Sele with a cool melody and mind blowing rap flows, so sit back relax and enjoy, you must love it.

Milikay - Sele Lyrics

Ohh lord have mercy
Jubilate, Sele... Preciate

Everyday by day we dey grind o,
Money we dey find o and now we feeling fine o(fine o)
The feeling something special so so special and
I know say you dy feel am for real(For real)

So now me I dey Selebrate
I dey jubilate
Now see as I dey appreciate
Fine fine blessings come my way
Now me I dey Selebrate(O yeah)
I dey jubilate(oo)
See as I dey appreciate
Fine fine blessings come my way

[Verse 1]
So ah take you back I rewind am
To the time when the things got harder
So ah pulled back ah Sitdan con dy wonder
Wetin go make the boy dey strike like thunder
As ah relax many thoughts con dey enter see even the ones wey go bring the boy endtime
Ah no quick forget ah remember
Say na oluwa dy be my defender

They want make I pai go yonder but he no gree He no let me surrender
Even the ones wey dy give the boy deadline cut my enemies trap down like a blender
So tell me why you act like this
Why you complain why you talk like this
Oya stand up no give up like this
Coz Las Las everything go cool like this
So now me ah dey... Selebrate
Look at me now as I dey...Jubilate
I don't even know ah gat to...appreciate
Coz all the fine blessings...
Come my way

Now ah just dey upgrade ah dey incline
See the way am killing with the flow yeah it's so nice
Now the boy is feeling hot just dey ignite
And he dey feed their hunger with something lite

Now am killing it bumper to bumper
Zanku legwork e dey enter
Blessings too much no fit count am
See the way ah shine, Omo emi ajebota(Why?)

Coz oluwa go give you the Raba
You don't even need to wire your Aza
Omo if you call o He go answer
Na the reason I dey follow the ladder...x2

So now me ah dey celebrate, ah jubilate fine fine blessings come my way
Now me ah dey Selebrate ah dey Jubilate as ah dey appreciate,
Ah just dey Selebrate..

Download Milikay - Sele

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