Emcode - The Blackjune Mp3 Download - Lyrics

Emcode - The Blackjune - Lyrics

I need peace please
I'm so cold, freeze
Leave my heart please
I can now breathe
And so it goes
I feel I'm making it worse but apparently isn't the case
And she opined
All things are working together to putting my dreams into place
living the truth
I'm so alive and I'm piling up hoes
Just incase I'm gonna need a repost
But you're the person I think of the most
Oh I dream of counting stacks
But right now I stack minimal checks
By minimal checks I mean no flex
But I'm blessed in a musically relevant autonomy and through what I do
Get platinum plaques
And I pledge my part
In being mapped out
Then I make you proud (mama)
Almost drowned in the lake of doubt
But this love is amazing
I overlook a fugazzi
I am never shook when I'm lazying around
Cuz I'll get what's meant for me
I work towards the goal to be the person I envision
Beat the hell out the old me
Be the best of the new me
Oh please, blow trees, Aprils, twenties
I shit bull shit, I spit due shit

Giving you levels you only got only height
You still won't get it if you're in a flight
When I was little I flew me a kite
Sending a message to heaven above

To all of these bitches who naked
I'm psychologically aided, I will never get faded
I'm mad like the photos of rebel, just that I don't have a label
SARS burst in with the army guns
No evidence of the harm we done
So unruly, life is clueless, lot of y'all lame you don't need both legs
Madass chune, relax and tune cuz what I'm about is the tongue I shoot
And the factor in food
Is holding the hunger intrusion
Simply engaging the mood
In something that's sweeter than chewing and you know it's true
But that aside tho
I am tryna reschedule my IQ
Kinda realized emotions is like a taboo
Mind my business take my problems to the Bible turn myself into a disciple cuz I know what I'm entitled
Better be mindful, cuz it's gon slap when I'm done with life you better relax and watch it ignite nigga

Run this shit like a ghost in the game, this how I wanna do it for the meantime too
In my pack is a bunch of rats cuz these bad guys got nothing on mice
Use your head to receive some bread cuz otherwise gonna prove you dead
Regular boy in a chemical world like a serious boy in a funny ass world
I release my pack, Run it down and Last
I believe my fans them are breed of greatness
I was only tryna make a little bit of statement
Seen a lotta people who done never got a payment, duly
This, what I came for
Minor to major
This not a coup d'etat it's a proclamation
And I know you wondering the kind of opportunity I'm making but I swear to never to fake and when it to comes to politicking I'm a menace in the making and I hope you got a destination
What the fuck happened to my reservation
Did I just take that shit for granted
Now I gotta work to regain my item
Spice my thunder with lightening
My shit cold & frightening
Throw up in the face of faking, devilish boy with a strategy of satan
Never look back in the act, "you are dead in the mind"  is a awful understatement
Giving you levels you only got only height
You still won't get it if you're in a flight
I'm on a run it's a terrible plight
And I am wanted by so many guys
Is it because I'm a prospect or cuz I'm a pain in the ass man I cannot relate
Over my head is a coded debate
The pain and the pleasure is great

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