Welcome To Streetjamx - The Voice Of The Street

Welcome to Streetjamx - The Voice Of The Street Uncovering Talents and Happenings within and outside the Street.

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We gladly welcome you to www.streetjamx.com; a site that uncovers, unveils and promote talents and creativity.
Streetjamx is a website that uncovers and showcase talents and happenings within and outside the Street. Just as the name, Streetjamx focuses mainly on happenings within the Street.

Founded by Nworah William and Nwosu Chinaecherem, Streetjamx aims to save and deliver the youths (who are the future leaders of tomorrow) from frustration, crime activities, immoral thoughts and behaviors, and ill habits by enlightening, motivating, encouraging and supporting them in all moral aspect of life.

This we do by getting the true stories of successful individuals through interviews. This success stories motivates other individuals and also encourages individuals who currently might be facing a problem bypassed by the interviewed individual.
Not just interviewing successful individuals, we also haunt and promote creativity and talents. With our Contest platform, different individuals are to contest for different positions, whereby the winners are rewarded with great prizes. In this platform, every contestant is a winner as we help promote their different songs by encouraging other readers to download and listen to the songs before voting.

Aside the Contest platform, we also offer free product promotion as a way to encourage creativity.

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We promote and showcase the Cultures and Beliefs of different communities, and unveil hidden facts about a particular act.


Services we offer

Below is the summary of services we offer:

News - Local and Foreign News

Learning materials - PDF, Video, and Help Desk
Help Desk: Where you request for materials about any topic of choice.

Tutorials - Food recipes, tips, and other how to

Entertainment - Musics, music videos, movies, and gists

Motivation (Interviews) - Success stories and histories

Reviews - Gadget review, website review, and product reviews

Contest - Product of the week, personality of the week, and hall of fame

Shop - Phones, laptops, books, fashion, beauty, and many more.

With just few official workers, we might not be able to cover your area. That's why we advice that you inform us about recent happenings around you and also upcoming events.

You can also be one of us by joining our team.

Positions available
* Reporter
* Interviewer
* Promoter
* Graphic Designer
* Video Editor
* Moderator

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Streetjamx - The Voice Of The Street Uncovering Talents and Happenings within and outside the Street

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