Changes Made On Streetjamx - Review

Recently, we made some changes on this site ( which include the site's theme and it's layout. This was done to solve the complain made by one of our readers.

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New Changes On This Blog

NOTE: These changes do not affect our mobile app 

* Homepage - Excluding the normal Recent Happenings on our homepage, most recent post of each category are now being displayed (Music, Video, Tutorial, Reviews, Interview)

* Sidebar - Certain changes have been made to ensure that there are less contents on the sidebar

Ongoing event: Streetjamx For Upcoming Artists (Free song promotion)

 Now, our site

* Loads faster than before

* Consumes less data

* Accessible from all internet enabled device

* and Also accessible with all browsers.

Streetjamx is back and better

Streetjamx - The Voice Of The Street
Uncovering Talents and Happenings Within And Outside The Street

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