Being A Successful Blogger (Part 1) - Summary

Welcome to this awesome tutorial "How To Be A Successful Blogger - Part 1". In this part 1, we are going to summarize key facts about blogging.

NOTE: In order to ensure that our readers don't get bored reading this post, we will go straight to the point.

Words used and their meaning
Niche: Specific area you blog about (eg Entertainment, Sports)
Traffic: Blog visitors

Who is a blogger?
A blogger is a person who keeps and updates a blog.

What do bloggers gain?
What a blogger gains depends on how he or she works.
Just as the saying "Don't work hard, but work smart", successful bloggers are critical thinkers.

Below are the major things bloggers can gain:
Most people believe that the main advantage of blogging is the money they earn, but in this post we will reveal other things a blogger can gain from his or her blog.

* Fame: Depending on your blog content, bloggers can easily gain more followers on social medias. With more followers, you get the opportunity to earn money by advertising on your social media page.

* Respect: Yes, bloggers earn respect. As you help newbies and others, they respect you for that.

* New friends: This might sound funny, but don't forget the fact that "Social wealth" matters a lot. You can't earn by offering your services to yourself, someone out there must be ready to accept your service.

* Other Opportunities: With blogging, you can express your opinion to large number of people. Aside that, bloggers can gain other opportunities which in future can generate money for them.

Blogging with laptop or mobile

We always recommend using laptop to blog. You can use an android phone to blog (using chrome or mercury browser) but you won't be able to edit your blog template (depending on the type of android phone you use).

Competing with your fellow bloggers?
In blogging, competition is a must. You must be smart to outrank bloggers in your niche.

Core qualities of a successful blogger
* Smartness
* Uniqueness

As a blogger, you have to be smart and unique to succeed. Unique in the sense that you do not have to copy or imitate other bloggers. To make your blog stand out from others, you have to be smart. You have to do something others haven't done, something that will attract people to your blog.

Where do bloggers get their traffic from?
There are many sources of traffic for bloggers. Smart bloggers utilize every platform as a source of traffic.
Major sources are:
* Search engines
* Social medias
* Other blogs

Blogging and Programming?

Blogging do not require the knowledge of any programming language.
Nevertheless, understanding CSS, Javascript, HTML or PHP is an added advantage.

If you plan to design your blog yourself, then you must learn any of the above (depending on the type of website you want to create). This will save you the cost of hiring a web developer

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Concluding part 1, we need you to answer the below questions before proceeding to part 2.

Before considering creating a blog, you should answer the below questions:
* Why do you need a website/blog?

* What do you plan to offer your readers?

* How do you plan to get articles for your blog?

* How do you plan to promote your blog?

* How many articles can you be able to publish within a week?

* What do you aim to achieve with/from your blog?

* How much money are you ready to invest on your blog?

* How much time are you ready to dedicate to your blog?

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