How To Get Free 150mb And More On 9mobile And Other Networks (Airtel, Glo, MTN)


We have been busy with the upcoming artiste program hosted on this website as a means to promote and encourage creativity. In this article, we are going to teach you all how to get 150mb and above for free using an android phone or laptop.


* Android Phone or laptop with android emulator installed
* Internet Data
* Mobile number(s)

How To Get 150mb And More For Free On 9mobile And Other Networks (Airtel, MTN, GLO)


* First download and install Dent App for android.

Dent.apk Download

NOTE: Downloading from the above link will give you 20dents + 30dents(29dents = 150mb).

Having issues with the download link? Copy and paste this link ( ) or ( ) on your browser (Chrome recommended)

* With your data connection switched on, open the installed Dent App and Register with your mobile number

* A code will be sent to you through SMS

* Verify your number

* Create an account manually with your email or link it to Google mail

* After creating an account on Dent app, you will be given 30dents and 20dents later (making a total of 50dents)

* Now, input your desired mobile number (9mobile) and convert your dents to data


* Download App Cloner for android

App Cloner.apk Download

* Install and open the downloaded App cloner

* Tap the Dent app and change it's name to any name of choice (* Dent1)

* Tap Clone and allow app to clone

* After about 1-2mins, your cloned Dent app should be ready

* Install the cloned Dent app and repeat STEP 1 (This time with a different number)

* After getting your dents rewards, you can convert it to data for any mobile number

How To Get More Dents

To get more dents, do any of the below:

*Repeat STEP 1 and STEP 2 on different phones with different mobile numbers

* Invite others with your referral link (you get 20dents with them)

Tip: Always invite others with your original Dent referral link

For laptop users, follow all the above steps on your android emulator

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