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Jaykeem - Good Vibe Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Do u mind if I dance with u tonight
Omalicha ur body alone cos emergency haha(aahaha)
I no mind if I spend my money tonight
Babygirl u re my fantacy haha(aahaha)
I no go lie u look good in that dress
Aisha make I ease ur stress

Majaka faraway mi oo
Live ur life say nobody holy oo
Ekwariwa oringo le ele le le(oringo le le le le)x2(oya down dwn dwn dwn dwn)
(Am the life of d party)

Eehehehe Aahahaha
Eehehehe(Good vibe),Aahahaha(life of the party)x3

When u re feeling low(good vibe)
Take it jeje take it slow(good vibe )
Guys dey manya jst dey go(good vibe)
Girls them dey fire jst dey go
Love eeh,love egbu mu oox2
Omo tinufere,tinye adara oox2

Joro jara jorox4

[Verse 2]
Water no fit quench this fire
Gimme more girl I want ur wahala
She be the queen of the dance
The way she dance make the man dem gaga
She be d queen of me heart
Babygirl I go love u forever(fiesta forever)
Under the rain&under sun I go be ur man
I will take the pain&I will be strong girl just hold my hand
(Oohoho yeahyeahyeah
(Oya dwn dwn down down dwn)(am d life of the party)

Eehehehe(Good vibe),Aahahaha(live of the party)x3

When u re feeling low(good vibe)
Take it jeje,take it slow(good vibe)
Guys dey manya jst dey go
Girls dem they fire just dey go
Love eeh love egbu mu oox2
Omo tinufere tinye adara oox2
Joro jara joro

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