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you ain't never seen a cheque
Like this
you ain't never seen
Squad like this
Moving weight in kilos
Shooting @the 12
Fuck up with the squad
You gon get a head shot
Me and my dawgs we trapping @the corner
Pull up in the wraith making all the hoes screem
When it get dark
all the ice Make you glow

Green and red on my hands
you know

Damn my dawgs and hoes
They gat the strap
Pray to God for peace
Cuz this is war

Street is thug
Get strapped or get shot
Million dollar deal
Yeh I ama take that
Get the foreign bitch
Put her inna may Bach
All white no black
We the snow gang
Men I'm gangster
Feel like shit is narcos
Coco,, cocain
That's the game dawg

[Verse 2]

Big dawg in the game boy
Light your nigga ass
sorry for your lose
Pull up with an uzi
And the shooter trained to use it
Brown paper bag
Nigga know we gat the stack
Cooking in the kitchen
Better lookout for the 12
Looking for that dawg
Find him @the brothel
Put hole in the head
Make the hoes screem
Call the 12
Yellow tape
Yeah It's a crime scene

Cc overseas
You ain't seen yet
We the boss in the game
And call the shots
Ice on my chain
And it made my heart cold
Pray to God to send
The devil on my enemies
Got the 12 knock knock
On your door step
Don't you reach for that uzi
You gon get shot
With my dawg outside
We gon smoke some
Got the lean with the x

We gone pop some

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