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Just Keep Talking - Lyrics

Just keep talking 
Just keep talking and don’t do,
Everybody sees we do, 
That’s how we move, 
Always on point so I stay with the groove,
Always keep it tight, my attitude’s never loose

I’m not like you who chose to act like a fool, that’s cool
I’m not here to bash you with the truth,
I’m like Morpheus with the pills,
It’s you who’s gotta choose
Life or death, it’s all on you,
I’m just a conduit for the spirit to draw you in from this bgimmick 
And I’m to draw you in till I’m finished
Till the end comes I’m not going to stop,
Gonna do his work till my body drops
Everybody’s on this paper chase,
Just been 

But you don’t know it’s designed so you can’t win that race,
It’s kind of like cocaine, 
Once you get that taste, you just go all in, and just stuff your face,
It’s a drug man, this societal lie,
It’s uncalled man, you don’t know you’re wearing all the beast digits, your forehand, foreheads, iPhone, androids, iclones,
I’m gone,
Not in this place no more,
I’ll dipping really soon, 

Give me about a year or 4
Cleansing my body all the way down to my core
I don’t need these people 
I don’t hang around with whores,
Got a few friends and that’s all I need bruh 
Got a few friends,  cause I’m tired of these men’s x2 
Tired of all this pretense 
Intermission time to switch, looking all around me like yo what’s this,

Streets dangerous watch your back, if you ain’t careful next thing you hear is clack
There’s no competition are you feeling me, niggas thinks they’re good but they’re trash and they’re silly g
Are you feeling the synergy? Blending so well, full spectrum of the energies

Keep talking you critics miniscule, lyrically I render you ridiculed, 
I'm out of the physical, 
My words ascend so heavenly to the spiritual, envision oh yes mentally visual. 
Evade hits born a tactical animal, 

I am subtely maniacal, with a demeanour just somewhat diabolical, 
You keep talking boy you gonna visit the medical,
Didn't no one ever teach you?..that the truth be so cynical, 
Chant lines you might think my flow is a ritual, 
Grab ears now they all just bleeding subliminals, 
My aura disintegrates what is left of you?..residuals. 

Deceitful..for a slice of cheese niggas rat you out, 
Street warfare beware niggas will clip you out, 
They try to get your paper out of position, like you the only nigga with ambitions..

Nigga I be anti everyday like it's a bloody risk, 
Now from the grace to grass acing allem niggas in the upper class, 
I am the current energy..wannabes tapping into the frequency.

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