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So Gi Bu Chukwu Lyrics

Praise chant..
Solo 1
Some trust in chariots, 
Some others trusts in horses
But we remember the name of Jehovah

For he has broken the fetters,
And he has set my soul free
Daddy your baby is here again
Your baby just wants to be closer to you
Cos the vortex of your grace has engulfed me
And the flames of your love has consumed me

Call and response:
I go follow you (follow you)
No matter where and when
I go follow you (follow you)
Anywhere you lead 
I go follow you (follow you)
Any moment you choose
I await you
Cos I have lost my pains my fears 
My tears and my sorrows in you,
And I have found the love the joy
The care and peace within you
Olisa muoooh

N'eligwe ma n'eluwa soso GI by chukwu moo
(In heaven and in earth only you are my God)

And I'm in love with this man of calvary
He has taken my sins away, 
I'll keep chasing him until the end of time
Come rain, come sun, song or no song
I'll keep loving, I'll keep singing
Cos you're the melody in my soul
You're my heartbeat,
Kedu kam gaesi hapu nnamoo?
(How could I leave my father?)
Ezigbo nnam Mara obi nwaya
(The good father that knows the heart of his child)
Daddy biko(please) draw me closer
Achorom ino GI nso
(I want to be close to you)
Jesus you are the lover of my soul 
You are my warmth when I'm cold
Na only you sabi cuddle me only you..

All of you and none of me
I'll keep chasing you until eternity

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